Nine Scandalous, Scintillating Secrets of Sarah Paris

Well, maybe not scandalous — you’ll have to read to find out

Sarah Paris
8 min readMay 12, 2022


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The author wants to share her secrets. Photo from Sarah Paris.

I’m an open book — until I’m not.

I share snippets of myself with readers — freeze-framed moments that, I hope, reverberate with universal lessons. But I control my exposed vulnerability. The thought of sharing my all with strangers shoves cotton in my mouth and invites slam-dancing punks into my stomach.

During the day, my writing voice hides behind predetermined subjects and formats. My day writing gigs dictate what I write for money. Thus, whether I’m publishing on-platform or submitting elsewhere, I have to unlock my thoughts and attempt to create magic, or, for me, there’s no point. I’ve already written 5,000 words that day, why bother with a limp, navel-gazing piece?

I may fail in the attempt, but it’s never due to lack of trying.

I strive to write from an authentic space and my voice remains constant — I don’t mimic other writers. I don’t pick topics to please the algorithm. If a subject stirs me, then I hope I can articulate it in a manner that stirs others too. But I feign control over the secret spaces of my heart: I reveal enough to convince people they know me, without cracking the vault of those spaces at all.

After reading excellent “Ten Things You Didn’t Know About Me” essays from Simon Dillon, Eric Pierce, and Robin Christine Honigsberg, I feel compelled to share the same. I’m a rebel, though, so I’m going with nine. Hopefully, you’ll glean a bit more about me in the process.

Photo by David Shankbone/Wikimedia Commons

1. I lived next door to Edward Norton

Until I turned 4, the actor Edward Norton was my next-door-neighbor. He played with my brother, Chris, and I remember exactly zero details of this time. I’ve never met Edward since, but I was friends with his little sister in high school.

The Nortons all had personal drive and unique kindness that propelled them forward in life. Norton’s grandfather, James Rouse, founded my childhood hometown — a planned Utopian…



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