My journey through the maze of life

Why is a bio the most difficult story to write? Characters come to life readily in my mind’s eye, but my own life is increasingly hard to capture with succinct honesty. Do I include the bright and shiny moments that make my life sound, on paper, appealing? The broken and…

Practicing gratitude can grow mental health

By all measures of natural wonder, I live in a beautiful area. When I first moved to Colorado, ski bums, outdoor adventurers, and natives populated the largest towns. In the past ten years, as coastal living soars to astronomical costs and Colorado towns frequently hit “Top Twenty Places to Live”…

Sinead O’Connor belts a heartfelt song of raw emotion

We all grow tired of the American Thanksgiving carols. Who can forget the amazing lyrics of Thanksgiving hits produced by Frank Sinatra, Mariah Carey, and Michael Bublè?

“I’m Fighting with Grandpa Over Turkey.” “No One Likes Cousin Izzy’s New Boyfriend.” “Can We Please Not Shout About Politics Over Pumpkin Pie?”

Thirty years of reoccurring characters who left an imprint

Saturday Night Live (SNL) has informed and helped shape American culture since 1975. Generations have grown up tuning in on Saturday night, and quoting what they’ve seen in school or at work on Monday. When I was a kid, I lived for SNL viewings.

Throughout elementary and middle school, SNL

Trauma can shape us but doesn’t have to define us

*Warning: This essay discusses trauma, including child abuse, but does not contain graphic descriptions

A smell, voice, or sound can take us from our present lives and plop us back into the worst trauma we’ve ever experienced. We panic and reel as old, gnarled scars are painfully poked. Or, we…

Yet recognize discourse is still vital to growth

We’ve all experienced social media trolls, thudding under our respective profile bridges. They bump their spiky heads below our feet, desperate to elicit our painful reactions. On writing platforms, trolls are much the same, but attacks feel far more personal and harder to laugh off.

Last month, I wrote a…

Tracks to set your soul on fire

Passionate music of all genres can raise goosebumps. Music transports us. Songs give us catharsis. And if we’re lucky, a phenomenal track can invigorate us as much as a morning run or downing a pot of coffee.

Growing up, I yearned for my music appreciation to produce rockstar-like talent. I…

“Cancel culture” continues to spiral out of control

Before he was transformed into a wanna-be action hero in Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt starred on television as lovable, schlubby slacker Andy in Parks & Recreation and as Bright Abbott on teen drama Everwood. Pratt held a deep, Christian faith before he ever landed an onscreen role, and…

My professional success will explode

Although I’ve battled and conquered many insecurities in my lifetime, I’ve always felt cool about my name. Sarah Paris — rolls off the tongue. Easy to pronounce, faux famous-sounding, I like my name. And until I was well into my twenties, I never met another Paris outside of my bloodline…


A crime ripped from the headlines

  • Disclaimer: This is a satire of a satire. This viral article from 2017 is 100% a hoax. But, it’s also fantastic.

I wonder how the FBI first caught wind of the Texas coroner who stole over 3,000 penises. I’m purposefully not reading any articles on the handsome, clearly sane gentleman…

Sarah Paris

14xs Medium Top Writer. Freelance writer of all things. Fiction is my heartbeat. Believer. MD native in CO. Adventurer. Traveler. Semi- funny.

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