My journey through the maze of life

Why is a bio the most difficult story to write? Characters come to life readily in my mind’s eye, but my own life is increasingly hard to capture with succinct honesty. Do I include the bright and shiny moments that make my life sound, on paper, appealing? The broken and…

Fascinating facts about one of our worst fears

Every generation has its own woes and travails to face.

Our current pandemic and turbulent political times may feel like the end of the world, but many of our ancestors met far worse circumstances and somehow, humanity survived.

In the Middle Ages, families would often wait a full year to…


I’ve got your back and am here to help

My parenting advice is golden, because I know how to love kids well.

I know you’re a parent to three kids, Becky. I think that’s why you can’t see your missteps. When I took little Zachy to Water World last week, he opened up to me. Between sobs, he revealed…

Each film offered a window in who I am and who I could be

For much of my life, I ate, breathed, and slept cinema.

As a kid, I yearned to star in and direct films. My fantasy never wavered, and I studied film in college before heading to Hollywood for a prestigious internship. I had some phenomenal experiences in L.A., but after a…

Dumbledore’s sage advice stands the test of time and of his creator

I’m not here to engage in debate over J.K. Rowling or her alleged transgressions.

I’ve long believed we must separate art from its creator, anyway.

Regardless of what one may think of Rowling, one shouldn’t cancel her storied characters based on her current personal viewpoints.

Many artists have led problematic…


A message from the kid who sat next to you in Spanish twenty-five years ago

Hi there!

I keep cropping up in your “People You May Know” list, and my name sounds vaguely familiar. You see we have thirty friends in common, and so you finally accept my two-year-old friend request.

You’ll find yourself awash in joy as a result.

Thanks for the add! I…


There’s nothing to fear — lunch break quarantines are fine

Just when we thought COVID variants had petered out, new mutated strains come bounding our way. The “less deadly” Omicron Variant has killed 20,000 Americans in three short weeks! Omicron brought his friends, too — Flurona and Deltacron made appearances before going quietly into the night.

It looked like we…

Sarah Paris

14xs Medium Top Writer. Freelance writer of all things. Fiction is my heartbeat. Believer. MD native in CO. Adventurer. Traveler. Semi- funny.

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